I'm The Man


album: Venus EP

artist: Lazlo/Kistehen

year: 2012


I've met the guy who sings this song far too many times. He might come up to you after a concert: 'Come drink with me.'' Not an offer, a threat. You tell him you need to drive, it’s late. 'No worries, the local police chief is my buddy.'' He takes off his clothes, wants to ‘measure up’ against you. Gropes your girlfriend’s arse then calls you a faggot, takes a swing at you. He runs this place (Hungary).


I’m the man, you’re the man
Let’s get fucked up.

Right, my round, what’s it gonna be?
What you mean just a half?
Don’t make me laugh.

Of course you can drive and have a beer.
No pigs round here!
Let’s drink to local pride.
Or shall we take it outside?

You and I, we go way back, did army training.
We did that girl and her ugly sister together -
Don’t you remember?

Come on you Reds!
Yeah. We smashed up those kids in the park.
And now you’re back on our turf -
Best place on earth.

There’s a club in town.
Leave the missus at home.
When the birds are away, the boys can play.

I can sort you out.
You’re my brother now.
I know you’d do the same for me.

I got a best mate high up in the Army,
I got a best mate high up in the Government,
I got a best mate high up with the angels,
Just me and my best mate - now I am flying.
I could die right here with you.


I love you man.
Let’s have a bet:
Last one down the road and back
Takes off all his clothes.
1, 2, 3, GO!

Yes! Put it on the table!

Let’s have a go on your girlfriend.

We go back, yeah?
You got my back, yeah?
Stay for one more?
Just a half, for the road?


Title track 'I’m The Man' sounds like Till Lindemann of Rammstein having a jolly sing and dance... [and] telling everyone to get fucked up, Rock Reviews 24/7