Rabbit Not A Man


album: Venus EP

artist: Lazlo/Kistehen

year: 2012


CHORUS I’m a rabbit not a man
With a carrot in my hand
Come sail away with me
We will start a rabbit colony

The rabbit stays at home
His field is overgrown
He won’t go out alone

Oh to be a hare-brained guy
Who doesn’t question why
He gets the call to go forth and multiply

On a summer’s day
Girls and playboys play
And bunny boils away


Rabbits all around
Heads fall to the ground
I think in pen and ink
Draw what can be found

Bunnies live in colours black and gold
They dont wait for Disney
Afraid of getting old

I wont freeze in the headlights
Confuse my wife for a deadline
Growing higher and higher
Three leaves on every clover
And my cup runneth over
And my cup is running over


...second track Rabbit Not A Man is so frighteningly, impossibly, balls to the wall AWESOME. The only time on the E.P Lazlo seems to cut loose and not worry about sounding utterly mental, over a wall of savage, power pop guitar riffs, one note keyboard lines and an utterly thrilling sense of momentum that never lets up. It’s completely wonderful..., AAAMusic