Further Deeper


Further Deeper, vocals by Alice McLaughlin

album: Oi Va Voi

label: V2

publisher: Outcaste/EMI

artist: Oi Va Voi

year: 2007


I feel deflated
Let down by heroes
Walls of silence
Soak up the echoes
Of my ideals,
Sold down the river.
I blame my own naïve behaviour,
Time again, I’m a complete beginner.

I have a theory,
Too complicated
To explain now
Don’t make me waste it
But you should realise that
For your freedom
I might just hurt you
But I didn’t mean to.

Our flesh and blood
In mute agreement
We stand like idols
We should be kneeling
A single signal
I’ll flick the lever
And we’ll all go falling
Further, deeper.

When the day comes calling,
That’s when we’ll go Falling down.