Look Down


Original studio recording.

album: Oi Va Voi

label: V2

publisher: Outcaste/EMI

artist: Oi Va Voi

year: 2007


When I need you beside me, I can do things to myself I regret.
My thoughts become distant, my mind turns everything right on its head.
I search in vain for the positive, to stop all the demons from talking aloud.
It’s not that I’m lost, it’s just there are times I don’t want to be found.

I’m feeling my way
One step at a time
I know that you’re there
But I can’t always find you.
The next thing I know,
The circus begins
And I’m walking along
Doing anything not to look down.

Don’t let go my hand,
I’m doing anything not to look down.

When I need you beside me, at times I’m afraid that I don’t know the cost.
I focus my thoughts, or at least those that I hope I can trust.
I start to feel all the maybes slowly spiral inside my chest.
Guess I’m no good at perspective so I should admit this is what I do best.