Middle England


album: unreleased

label: unreleased

artist: Oi Va Voi

year: 2006


An unreleased song about the stupidness of Little Englanders, the tribe to which I am ashamed sometimes to belong. To be sung as a country song in the style of early Johnny Cash.


My name is Middle England,
Please wipe your feet and close the door.
This high street once was my street,
Don’t recognise it any more.
The paedophiles are runnin wild,
Got no protection from the law.
My name is Middle England,
Please wipe your feet and close the door.

Where was it that you said you’re from?
That’s where my little boy’s at war.
What the hell he’s doing there,
I’m not exactly sure.
My other son will follow him,
A hero to us all.
Defends what he believes in:
With the flag upon the wall.

They say the world is getting larger,
See I like it nice and small,
This multi-cultural experiment
Is headed for a fall.
All the generals and liberals
Out to destroy us one and all.
Time to stand up for your sanity,
Nail your colours to the door.

Pleased to meet you Middle England,
Johnny Foreign is my name.
When your body turns to ashes,
Perhaps your conscience will remain.
She’ll sit down with mine and drink a toast,
As to how we’re all the same.
Well goodbye Middle England…
You’re so convenient to blame.

OUTRO You’re a mirror to my shame,
Guess you’re a part of who I am,
You’re so convenient to blame… (Repeat to fade)