Yesterday's Mistakes


Original studio recording, vocals by KT Tunstall, video by BAFTA winners, Siri Melchior & Lisbeth Svarling

album: Laughter Through Tears

label: Outcaste

publisher: Outcaste/EMI

artist: Oi Va Voi

year: 2003


Don’t need another resolution
To feel as though I’m going somewhere.

You said you needed me,
Or at least that’s what I thought.
At times the memories
Seem to be knocking at my door.
I’ve seen the film a million times
Feels like I wrote the storyline
I refuse to replay
The mistakes that we made yesterday.

They were yesterday’s mistakes

I like to think I’m stronger now
Victim of common sense
The truth is that I know I still
Confuse the past with the present tense
Condensing what we had
To a single frame
That sticks in my mind
When I try to move on
The same image comes back every time

They were yesterday’s mistakes

Forgive my selfishness
I’d be grateful if you can
Forget my ingratitude
You think I’m twice the girl I am
They say we should forgive
And not forget
What has gone before
I refuse to replay
The mistakes that we made yesterday

They were yesterday’s mistakes


KT Tunstall's buttery voice really stands out - the perfect accompaniment to Lvas's heartfelt lyrics, Independent