Original studio recording, lead single from 2007 album Oi Va Voi.

album: Oi Va Voi

label: V2

publisher: Outcaste/EMI

artist: Oi Va Voi

year: 2007


(Soviet radio sample)
This is Moscow speaking. All radio transmitters in the USSR are broadcasting. We have received news from the State news agency TASS about the world’s first ever flight of man in space. 

I am a rocket
The power of a system
It’s bullet-proof technology
We’re going to a new world, going to a better place

This is just the first step
Everyone will follow me
Hold me up as an example
There’s no need to watch my back as my friends have got it for me

I’m going to go down in history
As the man who made a difference
Call me egotistical?
Well how dare you call me selfish - I’m doing this for mankind

Yes i am a rocket
A child of the motherland
Pioneer for humanity
I’m a wholesome superhero for the worldwide society

We’re heading out to outer space.
We’re going forth for the human race.

I am a prodigy
A part of the masterplan
A symbol of equality
Blasting out into the future - I’m the man defying gravity

They’ll build me a monument
Name everything after me
Schools and hospitals, armies of boys and girls
I’m going to live forever -  immortality is mine.


Cosmonaut pilot of the spaceship Sputnik Vostok is a citizen of the USSR, Pilot Major Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin.