Love Song in a Pocket Of Air / Bubble


album: English LP

artist: Sevara Nazarkhan

year: 2010


The landscape all around us must be gone:
The concrete hills are rushed into the past,
Encasing just another slice of dust
For future generations to extract.

And when they sit there sifting through the facts
They won’t remember moments that we spent
Only broken plates will represent
All we had in centuries to come.

But I’m still alive
All I ask for is a pocket of air.
I can’t see or feel the things that I should
But in my bubble I can breathe deep.

The trick to living long is not to move
Never softly daydream of escape,
Look for love so one day you’ll elope
To places where you hardly see the sun

Yet later after all is said and done
Your letters will leak tears of things you miss
The way that lovers here know how to kiss
The day you lost yourself inside a tryst.


They can tap on the outside
As much as they like.
People always feel the need to
Pull you from the womb

They can chase after good times
As much as they like,
But the key to being happy
Is to let it come to you.