Girl From Birobidzhan


album: A Day In The Life

label: Skycap

publisher: none

artist: Shtetl Superstars

year: 2014


It was on the boat to Haifa as the shoreline disappeared
That I saw her out the corner of my eye.
She was staring out to sea
Drop dead gorgeous 6 foot 3
Standing sadly waving nobody goodbye.
So feeling trepidation I make my way across the deck
And made some clumsy introduction like a fool.
But little did I know that this simple conversation
Would change everything I thought I ever knew.

Oh where and when
Will we meet again
Bye bye bye bye bye
My girl from Birobidzhan

Her story started typically with alcohol and pregnancy
A husband who had left her in the lurch
So feeling desperation and not knowing what to do
She saw an advert in the paper from the Church
It said “Calling every Jew, by blood or marriage that’ll do,
We’ll help you seek another life on the horizon.”
So with what little she possessed, she put on her Sunday best
And set off dreaming of a better life in Zion.


She smiled like a child when I asked for her address
And told me simply I should look up ‘immigration’.
The outcome was the same when I asked about her name
She said “I haven’t got one yet so please be patient.
You what is gone is gone, that was then and this is now –
You’re not the first hero who promised he would save me.”
So in a trail of golden hair, her perfume hanging in the air
She disappeared and left me helpless like a baby.


My girl from Birobidzhan!