Butterfly Hora


album: A Day In The Life

label: Skycap

publisher: none

artist: Shtetl Superstars

year: 2014


I walk in -
How long’s it been ? -
Long enough:
Your jaw it hits the floor.
Look at you, a chick or two,
The Cadillac is parked outside the door.
I’m not here to waste your time or tell you what to do.
You and I together we’ve got nothing more to lose.

If we only ever believe in one thing
If we only ever make this one leap
Why don’t we try and live for one day,
Like a butterfly, fly away,
Fly away.

Before your eyes
You see in me
A mirror to a time
You’re trying to forget.
Sometimes I dream of make believe
No matter where I’ve gone
There’s nothing to regret.
Back when I was young
I showed disdain to every man.
Now I don’t discriminate,
Just because I can.