Like Everybody Says


album: A Day In The Life

label: Skycap

publisher: none

artist: Shtetl Superstars

year: 2014


Like everybody says
I’ve made my mistakes,
I swear that I ‘m over playing those childish games.
They say that I’m no good -
Like two planks of wood -
I’ll prove that I’m more than this backwards neighbourhood
Where I’m misunderstood.

Your feet won’t touch the ground
Before they’ll tie you down
I’d rather they put me
Six feet underground.
I’ve done my time inside,
There’s no need to hide,
But if I would stay here wasting away my life
I’m telling you I would die.

Noone needs to ask me what my name is.
Everyone will know just who I am and what I do.
You’ll always see my picture in the papers:
I’ll show them what a little shtetl superstar can do.

Well now that I am free
My future will be
Where nobody knows me far beyond the sea.
No matter who you do -
And I’ve done quite a few -
I have no regrets: I did what I had to do
To find my own way through.