Um Bye Bye


album: A Day In The Life

label: Skycap

publisher: none

artist: Shtetl Superstars

year: 2014


She was a Queen 
Fairer than Esther
Barely a girl
the angels had blessed her
But something inside me died each time as I undressed her.

Although in my heart
I knew it was fleeting
She whispered her love
At every meeting
And swore she would kill me if she ever caught me cheating

One day coming home
The cold made me shiver
I saw by her door
Some boys from yeshiva
In front of my eyes a trickle turned into a river.  

The power of prayer 
Is all we require
To harness our fears
And vanquish desire
With help from the heavens man will always quench his fire

And so through the haze
My fists had opinions
Dispensing advice 
To my love and her minions
And when we were through I sent them packing for the minyan.

And then all was still
And nothing divided
My angel and I
At last reunited
I wept as I taught her
True love needs to be requited.