Island In The Sun: Election Mashup

Label: Indymedia

Year: 2005

It was the UK General Elections in 2005, and Labour and the Conservatives were vying to outdo each other on how strict they could be on immigration.


In a fit of nausea I made this political mashup with audio samples courtesy of the BBC.

Thanks to this Indymedia user for writing out the lyrics.

B: Blair H: Howard C: Churchill J: Journalists (various)

This is my island in the sun
Where my people have toiled since time begun
I may sail on many a sea
Her shores will always be home to me
Oh Island In the Sun
Oh I
J: Will reduce the number of economic migrants
H: Britain cant take them all
Oh I’ll
J: Clampdown on illegal immigration
B: Its important we toughen up and tighten up the system
C: We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be
H: For national security we must limit and control immigration
J: Why do the voters turn away?
B: We’ve expanded detention space
H: More British back to Britain
J: Deport immediately asylum seekers
J: The right wingers are completely sweeping the board there
H: Can you imagine what it feels like?
J: Not genuine
B: Genuine refugees
J: Not genuine
H: Should be in prison not roaming our streets
Oh Island In the Sun
B: Clandestinely or illegally
H: Immigration is chaotic and out of control
H: More British back to Britain
B: That’s what I think
B: We’ve expanded detention space
Walls come tumbling down…….
J: It’s been widely predicted that the turn out will be low
B: Thank you, thanks very much.

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