SCORE: East and West

Producer: Josephine Burton (Yad Arts)

Theatre: Barbican Centre, London / Musee De L'art et Histoire du Judaisme, Paris / Cinematek, Jerusalem JFF, Israel

Year: 2009


  • Moshikop - drums/bass
  • Rohan Kriwaczek - clarinet/violin/piano

Performing at the opening gala of the JJFF, Jerusalem

A great little commission from the JCC (now London’s Jewish cultural centre, JW3), and Yad Arts. Together with multi-instrumentalists Rohan Kriwaczek and Moshikop, we scored a live soundtrack to this lovely Yiddish silent comedy.

The de rigeur posing with gig poster snap

We performed it several times in London, then in Paris and Jerusalem, and had a ball.

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