How I Became A Musician

Influences and things to listen to

I do not come from a family of musicians, but they are music lovers, and music was always a key part of my life. I was lucky enough to find that singing came naturally at a young age, and learned the trumpet and alto saxophone at school. But I was always afraid of my saxophone teacher, and soon fell out of love with the idea of music as something worth doing, especially as a teenager when the world of languages put my imagination on fire.

I want to use this page to share my influences and latest obsessions. Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, the playlists below will update as I browse Youtube, so if you come back to any page on this entire site at least once, it should be this one.

Yiddish Twist Heroes & Other Retro Soho Oddities

Top Trumpeters of All Time: Elvis Ajdinovic (Serbia)

Top Trumpeters of All Time: Ergun Senlendirici (Turkey)

Desert Island Discs: Yusef Lateef, Eastern Sounds (USA)

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