Director: Keren Abitan

Writer: Keren Abitan

Producer: RaY of LiGHT

Year: 2008


  • Yaniv Fridel - mix/production/composition

Together with Yaniv Fridel, we wrote music for this directorial debut by Keren Abitan, featuring Lucy Dubinchik.


During the days of the Israeli withdrawal from the settlements in the Gaza strip, when the residents of the Katif Settlements are uniting to fight for its existence, Ruth, a young teenager from the settlement, is searching for excitement. When Ruth meets Erez, a photojournalist sent to cover the events of the disengagement, she realizes that she doesn’t belong anywhere. “Ruth” is an adolescence story of a young girl living in the most dangerous place in Israel. In a society demanding a united front and common beliefs, Ruth fights to interpret her faith in her own way. It is not a political struggle but the struggle of one girl for the privilege of holding an independent opinion in a social surrounding which strongly embraces a united point of view dictated from above.


• Haifa International Film Festival • Travelling Filmmor Women’s Film Festival, Turkey • New Beijing International Movie week • International Women’s Day Film Festival Boston • ReelHeART International Film Festival, Toronto • Swansea Bay Film Festival • Israel Film Festival, L.A, N.Y, Miami • The Indie Gathering • Strasbourg International Film Festival • Marbella International Film Festival • Filmmaker Festival & Filmmaker Award, UK

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