Sitcom Theme Tunes

Director: Mark Rosenblatt

Writer: Marks & Gran

Theatre: Bush Theatre

Year: 2011


  • Yaniv Fridel - mix/production/composition

Together with my erstwhile studio partner Yaniv Fridel, I have had the joy to write two sitcom theme tunes for theatre, both of which give me great joy to listen to because they are so annoying.

The first piece was for the wonderful Latke children’s show with Tall Stories, and the second video piece above was written for the short comedy Ephesus-Schmephesus by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran, directed by Mark Rosenblatt, as part of the Bush Theatre’s Sixty-Six Books, an epic performance cycle featuring over 200 artists from across the globe.

I mean, Marks and Gran are the UK’s godfathers of sitcom, and so to write a piece for them, well, how could we refuse?

Apologies to all listeners in advance.

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