The Other Seder Quartet

Theatre: Tricycle Theatre

Year: 2015


  • Yaniv Fridel - co-arrangements
  • Ben Davis (Basquiat Strings) - cello
  • David Lasserson (Gogmagogs) - viola
  • Genevieve Wilson (ensemblebash) - cajon
  • Paul Tkachenko - bass

Live music commissioned for the Other Seder at the Tricycle Theatre, directed by Mark Rosenblatt for Yad Arts and JCC London.

We were commissioned to write music for the four short plays that make up the evening.

Egypt Jazz - is inspired by John Zorn’s Masada Trio. African - is inspired by the genius of Konono No. 3 Romanian - is inspired by the Romanian gypsy recordings of Gabi Lunca and Nicolae Gutsa.

Below is a video of the recording of Romanian, at Moshikop’s beautiful studio in Walthamstow, East London.


The JCC reprises its Other Seder for a fifth consecutive year with the premiere of four new plays by leading international playwrights.

Performed by an ensemble cast and directed by Mark Rosenblatt, The JCC presents four short interpretations of freedom, inspired by the four cups of wine drunk at the Seder. Written by Arnold Wesker, Eve Ensler, Ryan Craig and Amy Rosenthal and cut with live music from a Seder House Band.

Liberation by Amy Rosenthal Amy Rosenthal’s previous plays include Henna Night and Jerusalem Syndrome.

Deliverance by Arnold Wesker Arnold Wesker is the author of 44 plays including Chicken Soup with Barley, Roots, I’m Talking about Jerusalem, Shylock and Annie Wobbler.

Redemption by Ryan Craig Ryan Craig’s plays include The Glass Room, Our Class and The Holy Rosenbergs which opens at the National Theatre.

Independence by Eve Ensler Eve Ensler is a playwright, performer and activist whose 13 plays include most famously The Vagina Monologues.

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