Trikont US-0386


Full Price (42 mins)

Originally published in Songlines.

From the moment this one dropped onto the CD player, a huge relief: LaBrassBanda are not one of the umpteen gypsy soundalike bands, but something much fresher – a deeply original gypsy funk style brass band who play their stylish compositions with intent, fine chops and bags of humorous character. Somewhere off the shores of Lake Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria, this five piece of three horns, drums, bass and vocals have come up with what can only be described as a killer combination of big riffs, Lalo Schifrin style, driving arrangements and all-out floor fillers. The influences in the horns flit from Tex Mex mariachi in the sassy opening track, “Brassbanda,” to tuba-driven ska on the excellent “Autobahn,” and elsewhere elements of New Orleans, South London 80s pop, the Balkans and local Bavarian polka are all thrown into the mix with equally good judgement. The production is tight and unobtrusive, letting the phenomenal playing shine through and never overdoing the effects, bells and whistles. Forget the gypsy compilations, the blow-hards and the soundalike orkestars and treat yourself to a pure slice of fuel injected Suddeutsch funk.

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