Max Pashm

Never Mind the Balkans… Here’s Max Pashm

Elektrikos/Organikos Records EO102


Full Price (45 mins)

Originally published in Songlines.

It is about time that Brighton DJ and producer Max Pashm, who has been making high octane gypsy klezmer dance tracks for as long as anyone can remember, put out an international release. Pashm is certainly a pioneer in the Balkan/klezmer clubbing scene, and on this long awaited new album he has assembled a fine cast of musicians to weave Yiddish, Bulgarian, Greek and Cretan melodies into his funky, humorous cut ‘n’ paste electronica. With many records in this genre – one ear firmly turned towards the dancefloor – it can be hard to fully appreciate what’s going on without a large stack of bass bins nearby, but there is plenty of great playing to keep head nodding commuters engaged too, most notably from Laura Anstee on cretan lyra, George Kypreos on bouzouki and baglamas and Merlin Shepherd on clarinet. On the electronic side of things, the production has a ravey breakbeat feel that recalls the early 90s sound of bands like TransGlobal Underground, so if you like your beats old school, then you are in for a treat. Welcome back, Max Pashm.

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