Lazy News / Twitter Bot

Instant music startup news for those too lazy to browse

Year: 2014-5

Doing a startup is difficult, not least because everyone is just so digitally wired, tweeting and reposting industry related ‘intelligence’ all day long, that if you turn up at a meeting ignorant of some piece of news that was released two hours ago, you feel like an idiot.

What with being at least a decade older than everyone else at Wayra, plus being married with a child, I needed another solution if I was to avoid looking daft more often than is reasonable to people who know me.

And so Lazy News was born. I took a short course in Ruby on Rails at the great tech school Steer, and set about building a scraper, which is pretty much standard for a first backend programming project.

I went to the music and digital technology sources I usually read, and set up an automatic retrieval of new stories as they happen, which are then collected on the site, and emailed to me once a week in a digest.

I still looked daft occasionally at meetings, but that was for entirely different reasons.

You can browse, fork and improve the codebase here. There isn't an online live demo at the moment, sorry.

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