Let's Make A Website

or Exercises in Borderline Narcissism

Year: 2015

This was a fun project: albeit one with severe undertones of narcissism.

Some great things have come out of it though: I got back in touch with some wonderful people from my past who I haven’t spoken to for far too long. Who said that technology was a lonely business?

Future plans for this site include: pointing people here instead of writing long repetitive emails, and writing down my thoughts and refering back to them later when I’ve forgotten everything.

I used Jekyll, a static site generator written in Ruby, and Liquid, an odd language written for Shopify that is severely restrictive, but at least gives the old gray matter a bit of a workout. Rather than making pages in html or html.erb as usual, I opted for the world of Markdown.

The styling is mostly down to the lovely Tufte CSS.

The map page is built using the Datamaps wrapper for the “how on earth did anyone do anything before this?” godsend of a data visualisation library D3.

The site is hosted on Github Pages.

You can browse, fork and improve the codebase here and play with the live app here.

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