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  • Guest contributor (on hybrid immigrant musical culture in 1950s London), Great British Faith, with Hardeep Kohli Singh, BBC Radio 2, 2010
  • Guest contributor (on the annual Hasidic New Year pilgrimage to Uman, Ukraine), World Update with Dan Damon , BBC World Service, 2010
  • Guest contributor (on the how to play Balkan Gypsy style trumpet), Serbian Trumpets, Just Radio, BBC Radio 4, 2010
  • Guest contributor (on repression of music and freedom of speech in Belarus), The Beat, BBC World Service, 2007
  • Guest contributor (on Yiddish klezmer music), Dressing The Mix, World Music Day, BBC Radio 3, 2005
  • Researcher (on censorship of artists in Uzbekistan), An Independent Mind, Channel 4, dir. Rex Bloomstein, 2008
  • Researcher (on extraordinary vocal artists around the world), The Voice, part 2, Masterpiece, prod. Nick Rankin, 22 mins, BBC World Service 2005
  • Interview (on the satirical art project, The Election Song Contest), The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4, 2012
  • Dozens of interviews to international media on the subject of culture and politics



Arts, technology and politics articles


  • Jewish Chronicle, acting Arts Editor, Jan-July 2008
  • OpenAir Radio FM, Oxford University, Founding Co-Director, 2002-3
  • Oxygen FM, Oxford University, Head of World News, 1996-98



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