Plastic Paradise


album: Demos

artist: Ofer Bashan

year: 2010


Ofer Bashan is a talented singer and writer from Israel who writes moody, melodic songs with soaring hook lines. Demo recorded in London, 2012


Something happened
Coming home today
My neck got broken
In an almost accidental kind of way.
I’m not angry:
I guess it happens all the time.
That will teach me
To stick it out and lay it on the line

Now I should turn the other cheek
Like it’s all that I deserve.
Pay the price for talking cheap
Saying I’m the one to blame.
On the outside looking in,
It’s you and I alone together.
One by one we roll the dice
In our plastic paradise.

Life’s so funny
If you understand the joke,
But I’m so tired
Of never seeing fire where there’s smoke.
See I’m dyslexic
When the writing’s on the wall,
When the moment for apology is gone.