album: Demos

artist: Unreleased

year: 2008


A song in the spirit of Massive Attack's epic Teardrops. Raw home demo recorded in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jan 2008


By the time I leave tomorrow
I hope I”ll know what all of this is for.
My clothes will all be borrowed
From someone who has travelled
Down this road I’m going on before.

By the time I leave tomorrow
Could you find it in your heart to forgive
These words that ring so hollow -
There’s nothing left but silence,
I’ve given everything I have to give.

CHORUS See the arc of a rainbow
Kaleidoscope of colours in the sky
Could I be your hero
Or do I need to ask the reason why?
Oh, why?

When we wave goodbye tomorrow
Please don’t wear that red dress that I love.
Through all the joys and sorrow,
One day we’ll be together
On this earth or in the one above.